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Ortomec, seminatrice elettrica per le colture a foglia

Electricity is also making its way into horticulture. Ortomec arrives at the German event with an innovative solution for sowing leafy crops: the Multi-Seed electric seeder. In detail, the Venetian company points out that the machine is equipped with semi-electronic...

Ortomec, efficient harvesting technologies

Ortomec of Pegolotte (Venice) is unveiling a new automatic loading system designed specifically to reduce processing and harvesting costs. The technology proposed by the Venetian company, which is only intended for Ortomec harvesters (tracked or wheeled), offers the possibility of...

Ortomec show the 8450 electric harvester

At Eima International, electric powered machines are gaining more and more importance, thanks to the new models launched by the Venetian company Ortomec (the headquarters are in Cona). First of all, the 8450 harvester is ideal for large surfaces -...

Lettuce harvester, a novelty by Ortomec

Specialized for almost twenty years now in the mechanized harvesting of leaf products, Ortomec of Cona (Venice) presents at Agritechnica its full range of lettuce harvesting machines. In particular, an innovative fresh lettuce harvesting machine stands out among the Venetian...

Cleaner 2, a high-performance suction machine

Its name is Cleaner 2 and it is one of the top models from the Ortomec range. It is a self-propelled suction machine recommended for processing vegetables and leaf plants such as, for example, rocket salad, spinach, and hydrangea. Cleaner...

Leaf Vegetables: Ortomec's Leaf Choice Aid

Leaf vegetable selection, whether spinach, lettuce or leafy herbs such as basil, is a major headache for market gardeners when preparing their produce for market, but they have now received a helping hand from Ortomec, a company known for its...

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