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Cleaner 2, a high-performance suction machine

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2016 | Back

Its name is Cleaner 2 and it is one of the top models from the Ortomec range. It is a self-propelled suction machine recommended for processing vegetables and leaf plants such as, for example, rocket salad, spinach, and hydrangea. Cleaner 2 acts on the plant’s body, cutting it to the desired length and suctioning the waste. In addition to distinguishing itself for its high performance, the self-propelled machine from the Venetian brand is much appreciated for cleaning crop beds and removing harmful crop residues, which are possible carriers of pathogens.

The waste collected by the suction system through the vacuum turbine is shredded and macerated, restoring an environment that is healthier and more suitable for the optimal development of the crop.

For this reason, the self-propelled machine made by the Venetian company also makes possible the reduction in the use of pesticides and plant protection treatments, with a dramatically reduced use of chemicals. Equipped with four driving wheels, two of which are steered, Cleaner 2 is also characterized by great suction power, made possible by its 80 horsepower turbo diesel engine. It also has the ability to lower the product from 20 down to a single centimetre with a single high-speed pass.



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