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Ortomec show the 8450 electric harvester

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2018 | Back

At Eima International, electric powered machines are gaining more and more importance, thanks to the new models launched by the Venetian company Ortomec (the headquarters are in Cona). First of all, the 8450 harvester is ideal for large surfaces - the working platform reaches 4 metres - and is designed to work under a greenhouse. The power is supplied by brushless electric motors, with 4x4 (I4M) technology and remote assistance. The standard equipment includes the precise steering device with steering wheel, batteries, proportional sensors (for cutting height adjustment); naturally, the basic version can be customized, according to the most varied operating needs, with ribbons, carousels and product cleaning systems. Another new product from Ortomec is the 8300 OrtoTrack model. This is a tracked harvester, equipped not with two (one on each side) but with four tracks, instead of the four wheels.  “The great advantage of this constructive solution - explains Ortomec in a technical note - is that the machine is more stable and easier to drive, with less soil compaction. By replacing the wheels with the four tracks, we have also managed to increase the load capacity of the harvester”. Three driving modes: with 2 steering front tracks, with 2 steering rear tracks, or with all 4 at the same time. Lastly, there are new displays and new interfaces, which provide the operator with top-level technological support, capable of significantly improving production yields and processing quality. 



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