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Trelleborg agricultural tires, designed to last

Trelleborg Tires presented itself at Agritechnica with all the valuable pieces from its tire "collection". Below are the most innovative ones. HF1000. It is a model specially designed by Trelleborg for the latest generation agricultural equipment and is suitable -...

Valtra customised Trelleborg tyres

To celebrate the brand's 70th anniversary, Valtra has produced some limited edition T Series, T175e and T255 tractors in a dark red metallic colour. To honour this important milestone, Trelleborg Wheel Systems, which has a long-standing partnership with Valtra, has...

TM1000 Trelleborg, traction and durability

A tread designed to increase the machine’s transmission power and operating efficiency and, at the same time, to minimize soil compaction. This is the strength of the innovative TM tyres created by Trelleborg, which made their debut last February at...

Trelleborg strengthening: acquisition the GS Holding

The Scandinavian multinational, one of the top players in tire design and engineered polymer solutions, has consolidated its standing on international markets with the acquisition of ČGS Holding, a Czech Republic industrial group. The agreement was signed towards the close...

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