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Year 2023 Number 1-2

January - February

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Agricultural machinery: the 2022 closing balance confirms the sector's resilience

Sales fell for all major types of agricultural machinery. The market downturn, which may be considered partly normal after the boom in 2021, is also due to the well-known supply problems and high raw material prices. Demand for machinery, however, remains high, thanks to government incentives. Allocations for agricultural machinery under the NRRP are in the pipeline
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Sabatini Law, refinanced and green

Italian Budget Law 2023 has refinanced with an additional EUR 150 million the Nuova Sabatini, the measure that for years has supported SMEs' investments for the purchase and rental of machinery, technical instruments, and digital technologies that can foster business...
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Agrilevante 2023, the organisational machine is up and running

Registration opened for exhibiting industries that will take part in the event in Bari from 5 to 8 October. Great expectations for an exhibition dedicated to technologies for agricultural supply chains typical of the Mediterranean area, and which aims to repeat the levels of public attendance and international prestige achieved in 2019, before the suspension due to the health emergency
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A "digital passport" for EU industrial products

The European Commission, has published a first package of legislative proposals representing an actual "environmental revolution" aimed at making products more sustainable, reducing their environmental impact, and making it easier for consumers to buy and repair them. Last but not least, the introduction of a new tool for collecting product information: a digital passport

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