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Sabatini Law, refinanced and green

by Patrizia Menicucci
January - February 2023 | Back

Italian Budget Law 2023 has refinanced with an additional EUR 150 million the Nuova Sabatini, the measure that for years has supported SMEs' investments for the purchase and rental of machinery, technical instruments, and digital technologies that can foster business competitiveness. 30 million is planned for 2023 and 40 million for each of the following three years. 

The facility, managed by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, consists of an interest subsidy that varies depending on the assets - 2.75% for ordinary investments and 3.575% for 4.0 investments - for loans that must not exceed five years in duration and have an amount between EUR 20 thousand and EUR 4 million.

The loans are granted by banks and financial intermediaries that are party to the Addendum to the Agreement between the Ministry, the Italian Banking Association and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti spa.

The measure is open to companies in all productive sectors, excluding the insurance and financial sectors, that are registered in the Companies Register, are not in liquidation, and have their registered office or a business unit in Italy.

With Circular No. 410823 of 6 December, the Ministry extended the 3.575% contribution to green investments, which companies can also apply for from 1 January 2023 for brand new machinery, plant and equipment for production use with a low environmental impact. For this option, companies must have an appropriate environmental process or product certification.

Detailed information and procedures are available on the ministry's website:

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