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Year 2023 Number 11


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International market: a complex scenario

Tractor sales figures for August and September show different trends from country to country. While the United States shows a decline compared to last year, India is still growing, while Europe as a whole shows a downward trend that could become more pronounced in the last months of the year. Economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions still linked to inflation and the war in Ukraine, is aggravated by the new conflict that erupted in the Middle East
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India heads toward the "one million" quota

With 912,000 tractors sold in 2022 and 680,000 in the first nine months of this year, the Indian Subcontinent remains the world's leading market. Investment in mechanization is necessary, given a gross agricultural area of 200 million hectares and a growing population. The objectives of the agricultural policy are to provide food security as well as to diversify production to improve the food style and profitability of agriculture
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FAO's commitment to global and sustainable agro-mechanics activities

A document with 15 key actions to be implemented as soon as possible marked the conclusion of the First Global Conference on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanisation, promoted by FAO and held at the end of September in Rome. Qu Dongyu, the body's director-general, said: "We need science-based solutions and innovations, and we need concrete actions"
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Italian Market: a downward trend in the expectation of funds

In the first nine months of the year, tractor registrations show a decline greater than the European average (-4,5%). The market's performance is affected by rising prices, interest rates, and the slowdown of the purchase incentives system. Mariateresa Maschio, president of the manufacturers' association, hopes for a faster implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the quick activation of the Innovation Fund launched by the government
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Agriculture in North Africa, technologies and cooperation

A conference dedicated to the countries of the northern belt of the African continent, which have significant growth potential in the primary sector but need new-generation machinery and systems, was held as part of Agrilevante. Collaboration with the Italian agro-mechanical industry and with bodies dealing with technical assistance and vocational training is very promising

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