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Annovi Reverberi's ARXP BOX high-pressure cleaner awarded ADI DESIGN

Annovi Reverberi's ARXP BOX pressure washer has won the ADI DESIGN Index 2023 award. The prize was awarded last November by a jury of experts from the ADI Permanent Design Observatory, an association that promotes the development of industrial design...

Annovi Reverberi's special treatments

Wear, corrosion, chemical attack: diaphragm pumps can be compromised by various factors. And this is why over the years Annovi Reverberi has developed several solutions to ensure quality and resistance of agricultural pumps, primarily those intended to come into contact...

Annovi Reverberi, high technology pumping systems

This is not the first time Annovi Reverberi takes part in Eima International, but in reality it’s almost as if it were. In fact, the 2018 edition of the Bologna show marks the debut of the partnership with Ace Pump...

Annovi Reverberi: a plant in Memphis

Annovi Reverberi, a Modena-based company specialized in the production of diaphragm pumps for agricultural applications, piston pumps for industrial applications and high pressure washers, opens its first production plant in the USA, thanks to the acquisition of Ace Pump Corporation....

Annovi Reverberi, an app for reciprocating displacement pumps

An “app” designed to monitor the operation of a pump displaying its functional parameters on the sprayer’s computer, or on tablets, or smartphones. It is the Annovi Reverberi latest novelty, shown at Agritechnica 2017: a simple and intuitive software, as...
Components Special

Super materials for Annovi Reverberi pumps

Annovi Reverberi will train the spotlights in their stand at Agritechnica on their premiere LFP Series of high performance pumps. A communique issued by the manufacturer reported that the components for their new line were especially designed for open field...

The AR245 LFP and AR 275LFP: new Annovi Reverberi low maintenance pumps

Components manufacturer Annovi Reverberi is arriving for SIMA in Paris to present new products for operations in the weed control sector. The main focus will be on the low pressure pumps range in which the company based in Modena can...

Diaphragm Pumps: Annovi Reverberi debuting in India

EIMA Agrimach will have the spotlights on the products of Annovi Reverberi, set to take part in the New Delhi exhibition for the first time. The Modena manufacturer of pumps is preparing to take to India the company's historic AR30...

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