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The AR245 LFP and AR 275LFP: new Annovi Reverberi low maintenance pumps

by Fabrizio Sereni
January/February 2015 | Back

Components manufacturer Annovi Reverberi is arriving for SIMA in Paris to present new products for operations in the weed control sector. The main focus will be on the low pressure pumps range in which the company based in Modena can claim leadership with the unveiling two new pumps, the models AR 245 LFP with a flow rate of 240.8 lt/min at 550 RPM and maximum pressure of 15 bar and the AR 275 LFP with a flow rate of  271.5 lt/min at 550 RPM, again with maximum pressure of 15 bar. These are semi hydraulic diaphragm pumps with three diaphragms and high performance parts coming into contact with the liquids made of reinforced nylon and AISI 316 stainless steel. The diaphragms are made of Blueflex and the fasteners of Viton. A company communique reported that Blueflex was developed by Annovi Reverberi for pumps with years of testing and field trials in collaboration of European partners to make it possible to achieve a perfect combination of materials for operations in the most demanding, aggressive and intense conditions. These hydro-pneumatic pumps are equipped with a pulsation damper, also available in kit form for remote mounting, which ensures more regular flow fluctuation pulsation, a die cast gear box with oil bath, a transparent plastic tank facilitating checking the oil level, also available in kit form for remote mounting, and piston rings which cushion oil for more efficient protection of the diaphragms. These new Annovi Reverberi pumps are also fitted with a system for blocking the diaphragm to avoid contact lacerations in demanding and lengthy operation. Thanks also to valves with a spherical sector profile, ensuring less resistance to the flow of the liquid, and improved volumetric performance, the AN models have all their cards in order for the Paris show for work with aggressive fertilizers and reduced maintenance.

Other bestsellers in the Annovi Reverberi low pressure range are the AR 160 LFP and the AR 185 LFP models, diaphragm pumps which work at pressure up to 15 bar. These are pumps with four diaphragms with a modular circuit in reinforced nylon which, together with 315L stainless steel components and fasteners in Viton, also guarantee high resistance to the most aggressive fertilizers. Their flow rate performances are 166.2 lt/min for the AR160 LFP and 182.1 lt/min AR185 LFP and their mechanics are those tried and tested for the plasticized aluminum. With stainless steel screws and a wide range of configurations and accessories available, the AR 160 LFP and the AR 185 LFP are ideal for end-users in need of plant treatment operations with highly aggressive chemicals and fertilizers using machines and components with elevated resistance to this work in extreme conditions.


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