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Trade with the UK, the 'real' Brexit begins

From 1st January this year, the new customs procedures following Brexit come into effect. Instead of the previous legislation, which allowed those exporting to the UK to prepare the customs declaration within six months of crossing the border, the new provision requires EU companies to deliver the complete documentation already at the time of the introduction of the goods into UK territory
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Brexit, duty-free with new preferential origin

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) signed between the EU and the UK last December provides for the elimination of duties and customs quotas in trade between the two blocs. But this only applies to goods with 'preferential origin' in the EU or the UK
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"Rex Operator Portal": a new platform for exporters

The portal has been active since 25 January, enabling the self-certification of the preferential origin of goods. The site makes it possible to issue a “proof of origin” to be affixed to the commercial or transport documents accompanying the goods. This procedure, which follows Brexit, will significantly streamline customs procedures between Great Britain and the European Union

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