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xTrap device: a product of xFarm research

Eic Accelerator has awarded a EUR 1 million grant to xFarm Technologies. The funds, disbursed through the European Innovation Council - a body created by the European Commission to support high-tech innovations that are considered revolutionary - were granted to...

Field View and xFarm Technologies, synergy for farm efficiency

Farmers have always known from experience the characteristics of their soils, and when working the land they take into account the various aspects, especially the most critical ones. Today, with the new available technologies, they can monitor precisely all the...

Argo Tractors and xFarm Technologies, a partnership for digitization

Sustainability, productivity, optimal use of resources. These are the main challenges of modern and future-oriented agriculture that Argo Tractors and xFarm Technologies, a tech company aiming at the digitization of the agri-food sector, have decided to tackle together with a...

xFarm Technologies and PFN: a "digital" partnership

Providing the agro-mechanical market with more and more technologically advanced equipment, and improving the traceability of data collected during field work. This is the objective of the partnership between xFarm Technologies, a tech company in the agri-food sector, and Precision...

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