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Field View and xFarm Technologies, synergy for farm efficiency

by Patrizia Menicucci
January - February 2023 | Back

Farmers have always known from experience the characteristics of their soils, and when working the land they take into account the various aspects, especially the most critical ones. Today, with the new available technologies, they can monitor precisely all the variables of agricultural work in order to optimise their effectiveness.  

Many digital solutions are available on the market to collect and manage data from these activities. Some of the most comprehensive ones are offered by Bayer and xFarm Technologies, which have recently formed a partnership that integrates the functionalities of their two platforms - Field View and xFarm Technologies - to offer farmers the ability to more easily share data and improve their operations.

FieldView is the Bayer Group's platform for digital agriculture that assists primary producers from sowing to harvesting with information from satellites and related machinery and equipment. The system collects and analyses various agronomic data, guiding various operational choices and resulting in prescription maps that enable targeted defence, fertilisation and sowing of various crops. This platform is currently used to cultivate more than 80 million hectares in 23 countries around the world.

xFarm Technologies, is designed by the eponymous tech company whose core business is the creation of innovative solutions for the digitisation of the agri-food sector.  The platform offers a complete farm management solution that integrates machinery and sensor data, decision support systems, satellite images and other data sources to optimise agricultural work. To date, xFarm Technologies is used by 140,000 farms in 50 supply chains working an area of 1.8 mln hectares.

The connection allows users to share information between their FieldView and xFarm accounts in real time - field perimeter, sowing, fertilisation, harvest and other operations data - using the complementary functionalities and avoiding the need to enter various information twice, achieving the goal of having an integrated database that helps improve the effectiveness of agronomic practices and optimise farm management.    

Users of the two systems have total control of their information, and autonomously and at any stage they can activate or deactivate the connection, which at full capacity will be possible in all countries where the two platforms are marketed, but at the moment can only be activated in Italy and Spain. 

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