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Argo Tractors and xFarm Technologies, a partnership for digitization

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2022 | Back

Sustainability, productivity, optimal use of resources. These are the main challenges of modern and future-oriented agriculture that Argo Tractors and xFarm Technologies, a tech company aiming at the digitization of the agri-food sector, have decided to tackle together with a project that involves the application of the Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to all tractors signed by the Reggio Emilia-based multinational (the company's headquarters are in Fabbrico). The Emilia-based company, the owner of the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands, has been undertaking a digitization process for some years now, starting with investment in business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce, Isobus technology, telematics and remote diagnostics thanks to a framework agreement with ACTIA and in GPS-assisted driving developed with Topcon Agriculture, is receiving further boost today precisely thanks to the partnership with xFarm. «The collaboration with xFarm," emphasized Simeone Morra, Corporate Business Director of Argo Tractors, presenting the initiative in the context of EIMA 2022, is a further step in the digitalization path undertaken by our group and, at the same time, represents the start of an ambitious strategic plan in which we will offer tractors able to respond to the need of a market that is increasingly mature from the point of view of environmental and social sustainability». As a matter of fact, the xFarm platform is a simple and intuitive app that not only provides operators with a digital management system for fields, activities and machinery fleets but, through field sensors and connected machinery, allows real-time monitoring of the farm and vehicles, thus supporting the farmer in operational and agronomic decision-making processes. «The strategic partnership with Argo Tractors, rests on a common vision: provide the right technological tools to produce in an increasingly efficient and sustainable way. Agricultural machinery provides an invaluable data source, and we are happy to collaborate with an international player like Argo Tractors on this project. Having tools for data analysis and processing is, in fact, the first step in making the most of tractors, providing new services and constant support to farms".

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