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Landini Style: aesthetics and functionality

by Patrizia Menicucci
March/April 2022 | Back

First at EIMA International 2021 and then at Fieragricola 2022, Argo Tractors presented the entire range of Landini tractors - from the top of the 7 series to the specialized and the compact - distinguished by a new design. This marks the completion of a renewal process that began in the pre-pandemic period and led to the new Landini style, a communicative and aesthetic expression of advanced tractors that are easy to use and offer great performance.

It also drew inspiration from the automotive world, with particular attention to major trends and the latest innovations. But what was the creative process that led to this result? Fabio Leonardi, head of the Argo Tractors Style and Design Centre, described the various stages of the process in a note issued by the company, in which he expressed his satisfaction at working for such an important brand. We started with an analysis that took into account the history of the Landini brand with its iconic products, the need to identify new characterising elements with the aim of increasing functionality and product quality.

In order to visualise the various ideas, we proceeded with hand-made sketches and renderings, moving on to models with style skins and photorealistic digital renderings. This led to static mock-ups and then prototypes that allowed the real functionality of the product to be assessed. Each of these steps was shared with the various departments of the company, from production to marketing, in order to constantly verify the process in progress from every point of view. Leonardi spoke of the work that led to the creation of a modern, fluid style, as "an interpretation of the past aimed at the present, with an eye to the future", such as the opening up to electrification.

Such electrification cannot yet be extended to the entire mechanical vehicle - as happens in the automotive sector - but its introduction has begun in certain parts of the Rex 4 Electra - Evolving Hybrid such as the inner axle, the cab suspension and the gearbox management.


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