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Landini, the arrival of the REX4

by Roberto Bonora
November 2023 | Back

Technical innovation as a key element for green productivity. On this track, Landini arrives at Agritechnica, presenting several innovations in the REX4 series, which is becoming an icon for the Argo Tractors brand. From the REX4 Full Hybrid to the REX4 Plat with a low-profile cab, to the REX4-120 GT RoboShift "Dynamic", all of them, as emphasized in Fabbrico, feature a metallic blue livery called Blue Icon and black rims.

Let's start with the REX4-120 GT RoboShift in the Dynamic version, running for "Tractor of the Year 2024" in the Best Of Specialized category. It is equipped with 4-cylinder Deutz AG engines, 2.9 liters, Turbo Intercooler, electronic Common Rail injection, Stage V emission standards, and comes with a suspended cab and front axle (the latter also available in a platform version) and Full-LED headlight system.

The REX4-120 GT RoboShift Dynamic is a tractor with a 48 AV + 16 RM transmission with electro-hydraulic reverse and fully robotized driving and HML gears, manageable in automatic mode and easily controllable with the SmartPilot Plus Joystick, which consolidates controls necessary to manage driving and work operations and is located on the renewed adjustable multifunction armrest. The right console has also been redesigned to fit into the new rotating driving position, a first in the specialized tractor category, with a swing that reaches 16 degrees of rotation to the right—for better management and visibility in rear and ventral operations—and 8 degrees to the left—to assist the operator when entering and leaving the cab. The Stop & Action function is also present, disengaging the clutch by operating the brake pedals, greatly enhancing driving comfort.

Landini emphasizes that the REX4 was the first specialized tractor with a cab suspended mechanically on two spring dampers, which, combined with the front axle with adjustable hydraulic suspension, ensures a level of comfort that exceeds category standards.

It's worth noting the technological features, including Isobus, Landini Farm, Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, as well as the connection to the autonomous driving system, which allows automatic parallel driving between rows with the help of integrated sensors.

REX4 Full Hybrid, electrification advances

The evolutionary process towards electrification that began at Landini with the REX4 Electra-Evolving Hybrid continues with the REX4 Full Hybrid, a concept with hybrid propulsion that combines an internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

The Full Hybrid system has a total power of 80 kW and is characterized by the combination of a 4-cylinder Deutz AG TCD internal combustion engine of 2.9 liters with 55 kW, with a permanent magnet electric booster. In Full Electric mode, capable of reaching a nominal power of 50 kW (with a peak of 65 kW), the tractor moves without the assistance of the combustion engine, resulting in zero emissions, noise, and fuel consumption. There is also an additional electric motor that powers and controls the hydraulic system.

The internal combustion engine complies with Stage V regulations thanks to the required aftertreatment system, which, for this power range, includes the installation of only DOC and DPF devices.

The REX4 Full Hybrid has an architecture that includes a battery that can be recharged by the electric motor - which acts as a generator during low workloads - or through charging stations (plug-in).

The entire system is managed by a control system, the PMS (Power Management System), which supervises electrical devices, power flows, and identifies the optimal operating point. The battery has a large capacity to function as a hybrid and ensure the necessary range in Full Electric mode. The internal combustion engine, during periods of low RPM, recharges the battery using an algorithm that balances energy contributions and implements the most cost-effective strategy based on usage, with the possibility of energy recovery from the vehicle during deceleration and braking, using the electric motor as a charging generator. The reversing mechanism, as well as the hydraulics, is managed in electric mode.


REX4 4 PLAT, the virtuous low profile

The Landini REX 4-080F comes with the significant innovation of the Low-Profile cab, certified in category 4, capable of further improving frontal and side visibility. The curved front windshield ensures control over entering rows with low canopies and operations with front and intermediate axle attachments. This allows the operator to work safely without leaning out, benefiting from good sound insulation from the outside and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature thanks to the powerful air conditioning system. The air conditioning filters, located at the rear of the cab, enable easy and quick cleaning. The air conditioning control console is located on the roof, to the left of the driver's seat.

In addition to the cab, for all models with 75 Hp available in the range, the platform benefits from a low-profile hood: the flattened lines of the back reduce the height from the ground by 55 mm compared to models with higher power, making the REX 4-080 a suitable tractor for agile work in greenhouses, canopied orchards, or those with very voluminous foliage.


Series 5 with Advanced Steering Management

As well as the REX4, Landini is also introducing the Series 5 (available in models 5-100, 5-110, and 5-120) with power ranging from 95 to 114 Hp thanks to the innovative generation of FPT F36 engines, 3.6 liters, 4 cylinders, and 16 valves, certified Stage V.

The transmission, with a modulable electro-hydraulic Reverse Power Shuttle, comes in several versions: Speed Four 12 AV + 12 RM; T-Tronic 48 AV + 16 RM, and three powershift gears H-M-L RoboShift. This transmission, designed, engineered, and entirely produced within the Argo Tractors facilities in Fabbrico, allows for each range a combination of 3 PowerShifts with 4 gears that provide 12 robotized gears with automatic control. It's all managed through the SmartPilot Joystick, utilizing the automatic shifting function that facilitates  selection of the desired mode (AutoField or AutoRoad).

The suspended front axle is combined with the new mechanically suspended cab, making this series unique compared to the competition. The four-post structure allows for panoramic visibility, and inside, all controls are ergonomically arranged on the new console at the right.

But the real novelty lies in the introduction, for the first time on this model, of the ADS+ (Advanced Driving System+), which allows for advanced steering functions, such as automatic wheel realignment or steering management on rough terrains without the need for continuous manual direction adjustment. This feature changes the steering wheel response based on speed and terrain conditions.


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