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Landini, a new era for the Trekker range

by Federico Valentini
October - November 2022 | Back

Landini is showcasing several new products and a premiere at EIMA International. Let's start with the latter.  
In 2022 the Landini Trekker4 Stage V made its appearance. It was equipped with a passive regenerating DPF particulate filter, DOC oxidation catalyst and, for models over 75 horsepower only, an SCR selective emission reduction catalyst and a 10.5-liter AdBlue® tank. On stage at EIMA 2022 is the Trekker 4-120M with a category 4 cab, in compliance with the most demanding EU regulations on operator safety. Indeed, the cab includes an enhanced ventilation system on board- as it can control the internal pressurization value- and activated carbon filters.

The cab's pressurization and filtration system neutralizes dust, pollutants and gases, also protecting the driver from the risks of treating vegetation in vineyards or orchards with pesticides.

The cab also has innovative aesthetics, as well as ergonomics and technology, and is very comfortable. Unlike other crawler tractors, which provide a cab with a platform, Trekker4 features a structural solution, thus monocoque, also making the tractor design more compact. On this range, Landini also includes the Trekker 4-110F model in platform and metal track version, which features a minimum track width of 1,100 mm and an increased track width of 32 millimeters thanks to special spacers.

Also showcased at EIMA is the compact crawler, Landini Trekker3 Compact, which is an evolution of the Trekker F Compact.

Ideally suited for working in challenging conditions and in very narrow rows, the Trekker3 Compact is equipped with Kohler 4-cylinder, 16-valve 2.5-liter engines, selected for their compactness and performance, but still meeting stage V emission criteria thanks to regeneration-free DOC systems (they do not affect the machine's productivity in any way).

Easy maneuvering even on slopes and ease of use are ensured by the Trekker3 Compact's ultra-compact dimensions, with a minimum ground clearance of 220 mm and an overall width of just 1 meter 150 millimeters. Next, Landini highlights the importance of what it has achieved with the REX4 range. Launched at EIMA 2021, the REX4 has upgraded Landini's specialized tractors, focusing on efficiency, maneuverability, comfort and design. The powertrain system features Stage V Deutz-AG 4-cylinder 2.9-liter engines with Common Rail electronic injection Turbo Intercooler, providing outstanding performance in terms of power, torque reserve and fuel consumption.

The tractors in this series also make a strong case for in-field traction, as well as between the rows and comfort on the road, a result of the configuration with cab and front axle suspension systems (the latter is also available in a platform version). Within the REX4 range, the 120GT RoboShift model is equipped with a 48 FW + 16 RM transmission configuration with an electro-hydraulic shuttle and with fully robotized HML, easily controlled through an ergonomic and user-friendly Joystick (Smart Pilot Plus) that manages all the necessary controls to handle operations. It also features the functions Stop&Action, which allows the tractor to be stopped by pressing on the brakes and without using the clutch pedal, and Auto Powershift, for automatic shifting of gears within a range.

In Bologna, it is possible to see the full-option version with an assisted driving system integrating the ADS (Advanced Driving System) with sensors that ensure total control of the machine, allowing quick realignment of the front wheels and increased steering wheel consistency as speed increases, optimizing work with benefits in efficiency and productivity. For the Stage V emission-compliant 6H series (with DOC-DPF-SCR technology), Landini features two models, both powered by the 3.6-liter F36 engine: the 6-125H, capable of unleashing 119 horsepower and the 127-horsepower 6-135H. The hydraulic system is upgraded to 110 liters/minute closed circuit (CCLS), with 38.5 liters/minute for steering - a solution designed to raise the bar even higher on hydraulic performance and productivity in L30 front loader handling.


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