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xFarm Technologies and PFN: a "digital" partnership

by the editorial staff
December 2022 | Back

Providing the agro-mechanical market with more and more technologically advanced equipment, and improving the traceability of data collected during field work. This is the objective of the partnership between xFarm Technologies, a tech company in the agri-food sector, and Precision Farming Network (PFN), a consortium that brings together four important companies in the agri-mechanical sector (Caffini, Mascar, DCM and Alpego). Thanks to the synergies between these important players in the agro-mechanical supply chain, it will be possible to implement all the models produced by the manufacturers belonging to the Network with the xFarm Technologies technology, a platform that helps manage all operations in the agricultural field. The great advantage of this initiative, whose salient aspects were presented at EIMA 2022, is the possibility, with the appropriate integrations (the so-called digital twin, the digital counterpart of a mechanical vehicle) to use the platform even on vehicles that have not yet been digitised and on fleets with different brands, thus overcoming - the promoters explain - the obstacle of technological fragmentation. "PFN was created to combine digital services with the equipment of the network's partners, also making available to users the systems for tracking the activities of equipment in the field, which - says Enrico Bulian of Precision Farming Network - are the subject of a patent application by PFN". The digital tracking system of machinery and equipment operations not only optimises farm and agronomic management, but also provides all players in the supply chain with a great deal of information on field operations, proving particularly useful for drawing up sustainability reports. The open xFarm and Precision Farming Network ecosystem is therefore also a strategic tool for the agri-food chain, greatly facilitating product traceability. "The goal is a progressive digitisation of the entire agricultural sector. Interconnecting different data sources, such as those of machinery and implements - added Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies - is the first requirement to create an open digital ecosystem, to enable the provision of new services, and to support all players in the supply chain towards sustainability. It is pleasing that the PFN group, which includes some important historical brands such as Caffini, Mascar, DCM and Alpego, has decided to embark on this path together with xFarm Technologies". Currently, the xFarm Technologies platform is available on all Caffini, Mascar, DCM and Alpego models, however - the promoters specify - the partnership is also open to other manufacturers.

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