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Year 2023 Number 3-4

March - April


When design marries efficiency

One eye for beauty and the other for construction requirements: major brands embrace aesthetics. Design, linked to the functionality of the tractor, has become an increasingly important purchasing driver

Lawnmowers, the new generation of robots

The fully automated garden machine is not only able to cover the required perimeter by itself, but also to connect with advanced digital systems that optimise its work. Choosing a robot means opting for a lower impact on the soil, but also on the environment in terms of emissions and noise

Freemow, cutting-edge technology for the Ama lawnmower

The latest innovation from the company based in San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) is a range of robot lawnmowers. Freemow - this is the name of the robot - has been created by the Ama Group's gardening division, focusing...

VisionFence, the intelligence of Navimow Segway mowers

Blue Bird Industries is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Segway Navimow robot lawnmowers. These are automated machines that use virtual boundaries, eliminating the need for complicated perimeter wires. Thanks to the Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) positioning module and...

The innovative Stiga A1500 system

A major innovation in lawn care, Stiga introduces the A1500 Autonomous Lawnmower Robot, which combines GPS RTK with patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology. The two systems promise to improve 4G signal reliability, thus overcoming even the most challenging obstacles...

Landroid lawnmowers, precise and fast processing

In the lawn and garden maintenance segment, the Worx brand, distributed in Italy by the company Fiaba of Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza), offers the Landroid L800 WR148E model. As the manufacturer itself explains in a technical note, this is a lawn...

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