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Green design: the Petra Gardens

The culture of greenery and gardens conquers spaces at the Modena Antiques Fair, where from 5 to 13 February 2022 the works of 15 European designers called to share experiences and skills with their installations will be on display. In November the call for entries for the competition - announced during EIMA in Bologna - is open to architects, agronomists and landscape architects, and promoted by Fondazione Biohabitat and Aiapp, together with Fiera di Modena

City and peri-urban area, a "green project"

In order to have greener cities, we must learn to also take care of the territory that surrounds them and to involve farmers in multifunctional activities. Green cities and hydrogeological instability were discussed at the EIMA Digital Preview in a conference organized by the BioHabitat foundation

Multifunctionality and a "green" world at the heart of EDP

In the International Year of Plant Health, the virtual EDP exhibition, which is held online from, turns the spotlight on the issues of multifunctionality in agriculture and on the green universe, thanks to the "Cantieri Verdi" initiative, promoted by Biohabitat, includes a cycle of ten webinars and a symposium on the topic of urban green areas

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