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Multifunctionality and a "green" world at the heart of EDP

In the International Year of Plant Health, the virtual EDP exhibition, which is held online from, turns the spotlight on the issues of multifunctionality in agriculture and on the green universe, thanks to the "Cantieri Verdi" initiative, promoted by Biohabitat, includes a cycle of ten webinars and a symposium on the topic of urban green areas

by the editorial staff
October - November 2020 | Back

Multifunctionality in agriculture, that is to say, that set of activities not directly linked to agri-food production, but related to the provision of services, such as - for example - environmental protection, landscape architecture, sustainable management of resources, exploitation of renewable energy (in particular bioenergy) is one of the salient themes of the EIMA Digital Preview (EDP), the virtual edition of EIMA International, the great event dedicated to agricultural machinery. Coinciding with the "International Year of Plant Health" proclaimed by the UN for 2020, the EDP platform hosts a programme specifically dedicated to the "green" world and multifunctional activities, called "Cantieri Verdi".

Promoted by Biohabitat - foundation created in 2016 with the aim of spreading the culture of greenery and enhancing biodiversity and the multifunctional role of farms - the "Cantieri Verdi" event includes a cycle of webinars on new "sustainable building" technologies, scheduled from 11 to 13 November, and a symposium entitled "The future of green cities", scheduled for Saturday 14 November. The programme - explains the Biohabitat Foundation - is divided into ten appointments, all organized remotely and accessible through the EDP platform, relying on leading experts to cover a wide range of issues, including maintenance of the territory and green areas, hanging gardens, vertical greenery, green architecture, and zero impact agronomic systems. Inclusive and sustainable urbanization is the key theme of the symposium on 14 November, divided into two working sessions: the first, scheduled for the morning, has an institutional character and focuses on actions for inclusive and sustainable urbanization; the afternoon session, on the other hand, deals with the theme of "green” constructions with a specific focus on techniques and resources aimed at achieving those eco-compatible standards that are destined to become increasingly rigorous in the coming years.

The meetings of "Cantieri Verdi" take place in the setting of 02 Oxygen, a suggestive "green factory" (premises entirely occupied by "green" plants and installations) located in the Roveri area (BO). However, training events are not the only initiatives planned by the Biohabitat Foundation for EDP. The virtual exhibition also marks the debut of the Nemeton Higher Education School (the inauguration is scheduled for Wednesday 11 November), established by the Biohabitat Foundation with the aim of training professionals specialized in integrating greenery and building structures. The extensive Cantieri Verdi project stems from a long collaboration between Biohabitat and FederUnacoma, which have been partners for many years in the creation of EIMA MiA and EIMA Green, two Exhibitions that are an integral part of the great EIMA International agricultural machinery exhibition.
"The choice by Biohabitat and Nemeton to focus on the professional training of green technicians - stresses FederUnacoma - is more than ever right and far-sighted, because the care and maintenance of the territory and green spaces requires high skills, also extended to the use and management of new generation machinery."



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