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The new Skimmer lopper by Tecnoagri

At the EIMA International, in the exhibition spaces of Tecnoagri, a company from Romagna based in Conselice (Ravenna), the Skimmer lopping bars designed for the maintenance of bushes, hedges, trees and orchards are on stage. Easy to handle - the...

Tecnoagri brushcutters, a range with high specialization

Tecnoagri is arriving at EIMA International for the presentation of the non-pivoting brushcutters, the Roller 100, Falcon 200 and Eagle 300 models, pivoting brushcutters, the Martin 300 PV, Flicker 400 PV, Stork 400 S PV and the Hawk 500 HV...

MRS bin trapper: Tecnoagri aims for versatility

The newest product created by Tecnoagri is the model MRS hydraulic bin trapper for tipping bins, industrial containers and other containers designed and built by the manufacturer in Conselice, near Ravenna, for work in the agri-food sector. A Tecnoagri specifications...

Tecnoagri, innovative solutions for soil preparation

Tecnoagri in Conselice, near Ravenna, at work for more than 25 years in the agricultural mechanization sector, can vaunt a wide and differentiated range which includes an outstanding machine for working the soil, an innovative hydraulic in-and-out tree cultivator. The...

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