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Tecnoagri, innovative solutions for soil preparation

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January 2016 | Back

Tecnoagri in Conselice, near Ravenna, at work for more than 25 years in the agricultural mechanization sector, can vaunt a wide and differentiated range which includes an outstanding machine for working the soil, an innovative hydraulic in-and-out tree cultivator. The machine was designed for mounting sideways on the tractor lift with three-point linkage, a technical solution which provides the operator full vision of the work area without turning his head from side to side for organic weeding in orchards, vineyards or olive groves under rows, removing weeds without killing soil micro-organisms. For the construction of this Tecnoagri cultivator the machine is equipped with an automatic feeler, a hydraulic device for regulating the depth of work and a system for extending the lateral boom from 2.9 to 6 meters for operations between rows. The smooth disks group can be equipped with a trees-cleaning blade to clean perfectly the tree removing grass around the trunk and special fingers lift and air the soil in order to dry weeds. This breaking and lifting of the soil also helps prevent compaction. The manufacturer also provides performance which ensures optimum leveling of weedy, hard and stony soil. The cultivator can also be equipped with a horizontal blade to replace the disks group for breaking up the soil which can be used at a sustained speed of 7 km/hr for weeding and mixing the surface layer of the soil.  

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