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The new Skimmer lopper by Tecnoagri

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2021 | Back

At the EIMA International, in the exhibition spaces of Tecnoagri, a company from Romagna based in Conselice (Ravenna), the Skimmer lopping bars designed for the maintenance of bushes, hedges, trees and orchards are on stage. Easy to handle - the 360° swivel joint makes it possible to adjust its inclination according to the user's needs. The Skimmer bar is exceptionally sturdy and can prune branches, hedges and bushes with diameters of up to 5 (Skimmer 50), 10 (Skimmer 100) or 15 centimeters (in the new Skimmer 150 version), even in the most densely vegetated areas. On a technical note, the Ravenna-based manufacturer explains, "The specific milling of the HB 450 special steel blades allows the bar to cut it off at the first blow. Skimmer can be applied to any class of machinery, making the equipment effective on any brush cutter arm or excavator from 1.5 to 16 tons. The Tecnoagri stand also features the patented MRS side tippers, suitable for all types of industrial, manual and self-propelled forklifts. The models designed by the Conselice-based company are designed for the lateral tipping of bodies of different heights and dimensions. They have been studied for agricultural, food and fish processing applications and use in distilleries (in stainless steel versions).

As the Romagna-based manufacturer explains, they are compact, fast, high-performance work tools, equipped with high-performance hydraulic circuits and capable of safely handling the most demanding work situations. Furthermore, the patented vice and double clamping system of the MRS tipper prevents the tipped contents from coming into contact with hydraulic or mechanical parts of the machinery during the tipping phase, thus complying with strict food safety regulations.

The new FHT frontal tippers, with mechanical or hydraulic locking, applicable to all types of industrial, manual and self-propelled forklifts and operating machines, are also worth mentioning. These machines are suitable for the frontal tipping of any kind of container for applications in agriculture, food, fish, and inside distilleries. And finally, the new THF industrial turntable, which enables the tipping of containers with crossbars.



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