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Tecnoagri brushcutters, a range with high specialization

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2018 | Back

Tecnoagri is arriving at EIMA International for the presentation of the non-pivoting brushcutters, the Roller 100, Falcon 200 and Eagle 300 models, pivoting brushcutters, the Martin 300 PV, Flicker 400 PV, Stork 400 S PV and the Hawk 500 HV professional models with double parallelogram geometrics. The manufacturer in Conselice, near Ravenna, explained, “The non-pivoting brushcutters are designed with geometrics which make it possible, in the collection configuration, to travel on roads with the same width as the tractor’s coupled with substantial structural resistance and feature a limited price.” The pivoting brushcutters, on the other hand, are equipped with a 90° or 109° arm with two components, one standard and two professional versions built with a more robust structure and a second fixed or telescopic arm. The range is rounded out by the Hawk 500 HV built for professional operations with a 109° rotating pivoting system and double parallelogram geometrics. These Tecnoagri brushcutter models are marketed with a wide array of tools compatible with fruit orchard pruning work and excavator booms including Skimmer pruning loppers available with diameters for 5 cm to 10 cm and lengths from 150 cm to 218 cm. The manufacturer’s stand at the exposition will also feature the Gold Series of multifunctional shredders available in five versions: the Goldmini for small tractors, the Goldrush model with a low clearance and a fixed frame, the Goldrake with raised clearance and hydraulic shifting, the reversible Goldstar model and the Goldshift with hydraulic side for cleaning trenches.



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