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Year 2022 Number 10-11

October - November

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Tractors: Markets hold up, but the economic situation is worrying

Tractor sales fall in the first six months of the year on all major world markets but nevertheless, confirm high volumes. Demand for mechanical equipment driven by the transition to Agriculture 4.0 and sustainable practices. The uncertainty of the geopolitical scenario
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Agricultural machinery, good performance fot the Italian market

The economic downturn is reflected in the market for agricultural machinery, which is declining for all types, yet sales volumes are still good. In the nine months from January to September, 15,800 tractors were sold, a lower number than the 18,500 of the same period in 2021, but still higher than the average of the last four years. Manufacturer President Alessandro Malavolti points out the difficulties of the current economic situation and hopes for a relaunch of the incentive system
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Environment, work and income: the EU agenda

The new Italian government faces difficult challenges in agricultural policy. In the current phase, the primary sector is being asked to be more productive, but at the same time to comply more and more strictly with sustainability standards and Green Deal commitments. This puts at risk the economic resilience of a production fabric largely composed of small enterprises
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Women in agriculture, gender gap still to close

Focus Istat on women employed in agriculture in the Italian primary sector (7th census data). They make up 30% of the total workforce with 31% running farms, for a gender gap that is smaller than in other sectors but still high. Little inclination to use new generation technologies

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