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Year 2023 Number 1-2

January - February


Stage V debuts on the Agricube Pro specialised tractors

Last October, at the location called Corte Bariani in Rovigo, the 'Three Horses' brand officially launched the new Agricube Pro range with Stage V engines on the market. The main new feature introduced by Carraro Tractors on these models is...

Range upgrade for Claas forage harvesters

For Claas, 2023 promises to be full of innovations, especially in the mulcher segment. Starting in the new year, the Jaguar 900 and Jaguar 900 Terra Trac will be equipped with the new enhanced Pick Up transmission, the Jaguar 800...

Cold milling technology for new FAE road planers

FAE is expanding its offerings in the construction sector with a new series of products dedicated to the world of road maintenance. These are the RPL/SSL, RPM/SSL and RWM/SSL milling machines, intended to equip skid steer loaders and designed to...

Agile and robust the new Fendt 200 Vario

Municipal operations require versatile machines that can carry out both landscaping and road maintenance, as well as cleaning the road surface in winter. It is precisely for this type of operation that Fendt offers the new generation of the 200...

B1e, Goldoni's in-house electric tractor

Last fall, Keestrack, along with the Swiss company Rigitrac, unveiled a new compact tractor with electric drive at BAUMA and EIMA International. B1e, this is the name of the new vehicle, will be produced in Italy at the Goldoni Keestrack...

Kiwibat: comprehensive battery monitoring

More and more vehicles and equipment, including agricultural ones, are battery-powered, and it is particularly important to monitor their health in order for them to continue working at maximum efficiency. Kiwitron, a company from Sasso Marconi (BO), designed and built...

TreEmme X Series, the new agricultural/forestry by Merlo Group's

Merlo Group's TreEmme X Series range has been expanded with a new model, the MM250X e­quip­ped with a 180 KW six-cylinder Stage V engine. The entire TreEmme range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes work faster and more precise,...

Industrial Tech Days, CNH innovations on stage in Arizona

The two latest 'green' prototypes developed by New Holland were unveiled in Phoenix (Arizona, USA) last December. At the CNH Industrial Tech Days event, a two-day event organised by the Italian multinational precisely with the aim of launching the two...

Field View and xFarm Technologies, synergy for farm efficiency

Farmers have always known from experience the characteristics of their soils, and when working the land they take into account the various aspects, especially the most critical ones. Today, with the new available technologies, they can monitor precisely all the...

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