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B1e, Goldoni's in-house electric tractor

by Emanuele Bredice
January - February 2023 | Back

Last fall, Keestrack, along with the Swiss company Rigitrac, unveiled a new compact tractor with electric drive at BAUMA and EIMA International. B1e, this is the name of the new vehicle, will be produced in Italy at the Goldoni Keestrack plant in Migliarina, in the province of Modena, and will be distributed as of the second half of 2023. The B1e Series uses five electric motors, one for traction, two for the front and rear power take-offs, one for the power lift and one for the heat pump, with a total generated power of more than 80 kW. Its small dimensions are one of the strengths of the series. In fact, the wheelbase of 1,728 mm, the minimum width of 1,322 mm and the weight of 2,300 kg make the B1e the ideal tractor for working in narrow rows, in greenhouses, and for green maintenance in municipal areas. B1e will be available in a monolithic cab version, which gives the tractor a modern, streamlined design and is ROPS and FOPS-approved. Thanks to the electric drive, noise is minimized, and the pressurized cab provides optimal operator protection from noise and dust pollution. Furthermore, the electric motor operating the heat pump allows the automatic climate control system to keep the temperature and ventilation at the right level at all times. A 7-inch digital tablet enables monitoring of the power lift, spool valves, PTO and differentials, all managed from the controls enclosed in the right-side armrest. Finally, driving comfort is ensured," Keestrack says in a note, "by the air-suspension seat and the cab suspension, equipped with rear shock absorbers and Silent block at the front, which allow vibrations to be reduced by 80 percent.


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