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Technological restyling for the Goldoni Keestrack range

by the editorial staff
July-August-September 2021 | Back

The return to field trials, with Enovitis in Mombaruzzo, marked Goldoni Keestrack’s return to events. For the company based in Migliarina of Carpi, this was an opportunity to present important innovations, starting with the restyling of the cabs on the Ronin, S80 Plus, S90 110 and Q110 models and the introduction of 4.0 technologies on the entire Goldoni range.

In redesigning the cab, the Emilian company's technicians paid particular attention to comfort, safety and visibility. One of the features of the new cab is the bluetooth radio system with speakers and microphone. In addition, thanks to the 7-inch monitor connected to two video cameras, one at the rear and a second that can be positioned at the front or rear, the operators can monitor the work area at 360°. Finally, the new LED lights, two at the front and two at the rear on the roof of the cab, allow operators to work safely even at night.

From the beginning of summer 2021, the entire Goldoni range will be equipped with the connection kit - called Agricoltuta 4.0 - consisting of a gateway with GPS antenna and an accelerometer integrated with a virtual sim and wiring for connection to the tractor. The package allows to interface the vehicle and the Goldoni data collection and analysis portal. In addition, a 5-inch display inside the cab provides real-time display of the working parameters.

Goldoni's connection technology therefore transforms the tractor into a source of data, which is then analysed and archived in real time (from the portal), thus providing a detailed analysis of machine use. From the portal it is also possible to set the work plans for each connected tractor and communicate them to the individual vehicles, as well as setting the operations to be carried out for each machine in the fleet.  In particular, the operator can monitor the status of the vehicle and its position, access engine operating parameters (engine revs, fuel consumption, temperatures, distances travelled, hours worked), access weather data, and create statistical reports on machine performance, with the option of comparing them with other tractors in the fleet.

"The first step in an even more important future evolution," reads a company note, "Goldoni is continuing along the path that has just begun under the guidance of Keestrack, which aims to take the range to a higher level of performance and technology, while maintaining compact dimensions.”


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