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Range upgrade for Claas forage harvesters

by Emanuele Bredice
January - February 2023 | Back

For Claas, 2023 promises to be full of innovations, especially in the mulcher segment. Starting in the new year, the Jaguar 900 and Jaguar 900 Terra Trac will be equipped with the new enhanced Pick Up transmission, the Jaguar 800 series will be extended with new models, and the Cemis 1200 terminal with the new GPS Pilot will make its debut on all models in the range. Among the main innovations introduced by Claas in 2023 on its forage harvesters is the additional hydraulic drive system for Pick Up. This significant upgrade is made possible by an additional feature for automatic speed adjustment, which takes effect above 5 km/h. If the pre-set forward speed or chopping length is changed, the speeds of the pick-up reel and the feeding auger automatically adjust, depending on the working conditions. Thanks to this update, a constant crop flow is achieved, especially in the case of frequent and significant changes in swath thickness. Also noteworthy, the automatic lubrication of both the left-hand drive chain of the feeding auger and the reel. The Jaguar 800 series, on the other hand, is enhanced with the introduction of the 653 hp model 880, powered by a 15.6 litre Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA six-cylinder Stage V engine. The engine is available with the Dynamic Power function that allows - the German company claims - fuel savings of up to 10.6%. Also new from Claas, the Jaguar 840, which from 2023 will be equipped with a six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 471 LA Stage V engine, already used on the Jaguar 850. This will increase the output of the smallest mulcher in the Claas range, the 840, by 27 Hp (for a total of 435 hp at 1,600 rpm) but without increasing diesel consumption per tonne of production. Both the Jaguar 880 and Jaguar 840 feature a 730 mm intake system with four pre-compression rollers and a 750 mm chopping cylinder with a 630 mm diameter. Options include the MCC roller corncracker with sawtooth profile, the MCC MAX with a particularly resistant BusaCLAD coating or the MCC SHREDLAGE cracker. Finally, after Trion and Lexion, the Jaguar 900 and 800 can also be equipped with the new Cemis 1200 terminal with GPS Pilot. This automatic guidance system can also be used for harvesting silage or other types of forage. The Cemis 1200 uses a 12-inch screen that offers 2D and 3D visualisation with a split screen, as well as online task management and documentation with data export via Telematics or USB stick.


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