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High performance for XERION 12 series

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2023 | Back

CLAAS expands its range of Xerion 12 series tractors with two high-performance models, the 12.590 and 12.650, developed for the most demanding jobs, such as towing tillage equipment, large pneumatic seed drills, or for transport operations. Both machines are powered by the Mercedes Benz OM473 LA inline six-cylinder 15.6-liter engine that combines high torque, low fuel consumption and low running costs. On the XERION 12590 the 15.6-liter Mercedes Benz delivers 585 Hp at 1600 rpm, on the top of the range 12650 up to 653 Hp; thanks to turbo compound technology with wastegate turbocharger, the engine ensures considerable power development even at low rpm, to achieve ideal efficiency at full load and part load. As a result, the maximum torque - a whopping 3,100 Nm in the XERION 12.650 - is already available at 1,300 rpm, while the idle speed is set at only 650 rpm. The radiators, transmission, hydraulics and axles are generously sized and positioned so that they are easily accessible. The cooling area, for example, can be cleaned at the push of a button. The XERION 12 Series tank – centrally positioned to optimize weight distribution during the working day (even when the filling level decreases) – has a capacity of 1,400 l; while the AdBlue tanks can hold up to 90 l. The OM473 LA engine is also appreciated for its maintenance intervals: oil must be changed every 1000 working hours, while the Stage V exhaust aftertreatment system does not require periodic interventions. The Xerion 12 series also uses the latest-generation CMATIC continuously variable transmission, which is easy to maintain, durable and adapted to ensure torque and reduced fuel consumption. Thanks to the four self-selecting driving modes, the transmission works with a high degree of efficiency, transferring power to both axles continuously. Combined with the multi-pass effect and 50:50 traction weight distribution – Claas explains in a technical note – power is transferred to the ground without compromise, while ensuring maximum soil protection, regardless of steering angle. The XERION low speed operating concept includes hydraulics, equipped with up to three load-sensing pumps, delivering up to 537 l/min at 1,900 rpm to external users and 400 l/min at 1,400 rpm (pneumatic seed drills with higher oil requirements, can operate optimally but at reduced speed), can be equipped with eight dual-acting distributors to feed crop tools, in addition to the aforementioned precision pneumatic seed drills. On these two models, the German manufacturer also renewed the tracks, with positive drive, to meet customer demands in terms of power transmission, soil protection and comfort. Robust steered axles with two auxiliary steered axle cylinders and large drive wheels transfer power to the drive belts while simultaneously engaging eight tines. The two-part frame structure allows the two pairs of intermediate rollers, mounted on the trolleys, to adapt to the soil morphology regardless of the main frame. XERION tractors are available in tracked versions built at CLAAS’ Paderborn plant (TERRA TRAC) or with coupled tyres (TRAC). 


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