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Claas, 25th anniversary of the Xerion series

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2022 | Back

Il was a milestone for the Claas brand, which launched in that year the first tractor in the Xerion series. The Xerion 2500 was equipped with a six-cylinder Caterpillar engine with 250 horsepower and a continuously variable transmission HM08, also developed by the German manufacturer.

With its four couplings, large payload, pivoting cab, two steered axles with equal-sized drive wheels and permanent four-wheel drive, the Xerion proved to be a versatile and multifunctional tractor right from its debut. Indeed, the models in this series have always met the work requirements of operators, providing top performance with a wide range of equipment, from crab-steer tankers to combination seeders.

Although 25 years have passed since 1997, the Xerion range continues to be a reference point for an important segment of the market. Today - the German manufacturer explains in a technical note - our assembly lines output an average of 400 tractors a year to satisfy a demand that has grown considerably over the last 36 months, doubling. Xerion tractors adapt to the most diverse agricultural models, European, Kazakh, North American, as well as Australian and South African. In short, 2022 marks an important and significant milestone for the company.

To celebrate it, the Harsewinkel-based company - the headquarters of the German multinational is located in a town between Hanover and Dusseldorf - has planned a limited edition of Xerion tractors featuring a vintage design based on the colour combination of the first model made in 1997. According to the manufacturer's announcement, the 25-year anniversary edition will be marketed in the main international markets and will make stops at the most important trade exhibition.


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