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Evion: the new Claas compact combine series

by Patrizia Menicucci
July-August-September 2023 | Back

News at Claas with the expansion of the low-power combine range. These are the Evion series, 410, 430 and 450, three five-walker combines with power ratings from 204 to 258 hp. Evion 430 and 450 can be supplied in Classic version, for cereal threshing only, or Maxi - for complete performance in cereal and maize threshing - and all three models can be ordered with Trend or Business equipment, for more customisation.

Evion combines a classic threshing system with a 600 mm diameter threshing drum and a synchronised transfer pitcher with five concave, 4.40 metre long straw walkers boasting an area of 6.25 m2. The width of the threshing system is 1,420 mm with a concave area of 0.95 m2 and provides high throughput with first-class grain quality. The threshing speed can be infinitely adjusted from the CEMIS 700 terminal, for a speed of 480 to 1,150 rpm for the Classic version and 220 to 630 and 415 to 1,150 rpm for the Maxi version.

The combines have a cleaning area of 4.80 m2 with leakage measurement and electric sieve adjustment as standard; grain tank capacity of up to 8,000 litres and quick unloading of 90 l/sec; high grain tank elevator capacity of 34 l/sec and straw chopper with 52 or 72 blades.

The vehicles are powered by Cummins B6.7, stage V, six-cylinder common-rail engines with high torque at low engine speeds and Dynamic Power power management system as standard - which uses only as much energy as needed with fuel savings of up to 10% - and three-speed hydrostatic transmission. The new combines, which can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h, are fitted with tyres up to 1.85 m in diameter at the front and up to 1.50 m at the rear

The Evions offer a spacious cab, accessible by means of a swivel ladder, a control armrest with CMotion lever and Cemis 700 terminal, with automatic climate control and camera, numerous storage compartments, an interface for charging devices, and a complete LED light package as standard. Possible options include a footrest on the steering column, a 30-litre cool box, an air-suspended comfort seat, electrically adjustable wing mirrors, a second camera, and a set of up to 17 LED lights.

The Evions, which can work with cereal cutter bars up to 6.80 m working width and maize spreaders up to six rows, were designed and developed by Claas Self-Propelled Harvesters in Harsewinkel and are produced at the group's plant in Gaomi, China.

"Family matters" is the launch slogan for the new series. For Jan-Hendrik Mohr, Claas CEO and head of the Grain Harvesting Business Unit, the Evion range is designed "to offer modern, affordable machines to all those farms that have small structures but for which mechanisation in grain harvesting is important. As Claas is a family business, we want to continue to offer mechanisation that is more suited to smaller farms for all our products".



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