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Kiwibat: comprehensive battery monitoring

by Patrizia Menicucci
January - February 2023 | Back

More and more vehicles and equipment, including agricultural ones, are battery-powered, and it is particularly important to monitor their health in order for them to continue working at maximum efficiency.

Kiwitron, a company from Sasso Marconi (BO), designed and built Kiwibat, a battery monitoring sensor with artificial intelligence.

Kiwibat is a data logger that concentrates the functionality of three different sensors. The current sensor, which measures the magnetic field generated by the current flowing in a cable; the electrolyte sensor, which measures the level of water in the battery to avoid malfunctions; and the temperature sensor, which detects the temperature inside the battery to avoid interruptions.

This sensor integration enables highly efficient monitoring that reduces the downtime of devices where batteries are installed while optimising their functionality.

These are the technical specifications of the device: dimensions 43x45x58 mm, cable length 2000 mm; power supply 16-160 V; power consumption 1.5 W; input voltage -160 Vdc; Bluetooth connection.

The new Kiwitron sensor also has an app version for real-time monitoring with the option of analysing the various items by day, week and month with a history covering up to six years of activity.

Kiwitron is a dynamic company that designs high-tech sustainable solutions for industry: smart sensors, fleet management systems and big data analysis.

Other solutions offered by the company include Kiwi-Eye, an assistance system for mobile machines that activates vehicle slowdown in the event of a collision risk, and Kiwisat, a cloud-based vehicle fleet management system.

The Bologna-based company organises free basic and advanced training courses for users of its devices. The course calendar is available online:

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