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Multifunctionality and a "green" world at the heart of EDP

In the International Year of Plant Health, the virtual EDP exhibition, which is held online from, turns the spotlight on the issues of multifunctionality in agriculture and on the green universe, thanks to the "Cantieri Verdi" initiative, promoted by Biohabitat, includes a cycle of ten webinars and a symposium on the topic of urban green areas

The many variants of the "utility" range

Most of the power band of the tractors known as "wildcard" or "utility", is around 75 kW. They are means designed to offer maximum operating versatility, and to be able to adapt to the most different working situations. These tractors offer a broad range of variability in terms of possible configurations, both for the driving position, as for the engines, the transmissions, and the hydraulic systems, as well as for the axles and the braking systems

ILF 1000 Kommunal by Energreen, powerful and multi-functional

The ILF Kommunale by Energreen is an extremely versatile multi-functional machine created for year-round operations with various attachments. The traditional telescopic boom for mowing mounted on the machine can be configured for the maintenance of greenery and forestry operations, snow...

EIMA M.i.A., new frontiers in agriculture

The exhibition area dedicated to multi-functional farming has been set up as an interactive review complementary to the green environment. The purpose is to enhance the value of the sector which accounts for 8% of agricultural production and has changed the organization features of farming enterprises

M.i.A. Salon: multifunctionality and innovation

Technological innovation, network synergies and sharing good practices are the issues taken up in the M.i.A. Salon returning to Agrilevante for the purpose of enhancing the capabilities of farming enterprises to diversify their activities in sectors outside agriculture. For the...

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