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Summer 2023, the Agrilevante worksite

With the allocation of exhibition space and the arrangement of themed areas and facilities for demonstration activities and conferences, the international Agrilevante exhibition has completed its most important organisational phase. Held at the Bari fairgrounds from 5 to 8 October...

Mech@griJOBS, training in the spotlight

Despite the restrictions imposed by the health emergency, the vocational orientation meetings held at EIMA International as part of the Mech@griJOBS project were successfully concluded. More than 160 students took part in the training initiatives held from 19 to 23 October at the Bologna Exhibition Centre

Global exposition of machinery, a guide for the issues

The 2018 edition of EIMA International has planned a heavy schedule of conferences and meetings trained on technologies, the economy and current policies in the primary sector. The safety of mechanical means, digitalization of agriculture, management of water resources and young farmers are the principal issues to be taken up during the exposition coming up as a great promotion and commercial event also featuring time for information and cultural considerations

EIMA 2018, a young trade fair

The international exposition of agricultural mechanization is planning events and information initiatives dedicated to young farmers, agrarian students and members of the new generation as candidates for jobs in the agricultural machinery sector. The EIMA International agenda includes the national assembly of the AGIA Agricultural Association, the Mech@grJjobs program, the Campus Area and information meetings sponsored by the Ministry for Economic Development
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A multi-tasking area at EIMA International

In the setting of the great review of agriculture engineering scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna Pavilion 33 III will host an EIMA Digital space and the EIMA Desk and EIMA Campus. The first of the three will be dedicated to industries producing software and advanced electronic systems for agriculture and agriculture engineering; the second will bring together such services, the third will preside over universities and research institutions. Finally, Mech@griJobs on an initiative by UNACMA, the National Agricultural Machinery Dealers Association, is planned for young people studying in agrarian schools and technical institutes to inform them of employment in the agriculture engineering supply chain
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Fieragricola 2018, a successful edition

The international review of agriculture ranging from strong points of mechanization to livestock raising and on to machinery trial demonstrations, conferences and information sessions rounding out the event. There was also a focus on youth in the Mech@griJOBS initiative promoted by UNACMA for opening opportunities for students of professional schools, agrarian technical institutes and involved in mechanics

The success of the desk area

The 2016 edition of the exposition of agricultural and gardening machinery brought in the brand new EIMA Desk, a pavilion with a window dedicated to dissemination of information. A large number of visitors enlivened the INAIL Live Shop area. Another positive feature was the training events handled by Mech@griJobs

Mech@griJOBS: agro-mechanical

Training is in the front rank at Agrilevante, the international exposition of machinery and equipment and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture running from October 15th to 18th at the Fiera del Levante trade fair center in Bari. The training area has...

Mech@griJOBS: the emerging professions in agro-mechanics

The demand of highly specialized figures in agro-mechanics is increasing. According to Enama and Unacma (the National Union of the Farm Machinery Dealers), in the next three-year period there will be a potential job offer of 3,000 works but the educational paths are not always appropriate for the production chain's demands. Mech@griJOBS was promoted with the aim of illustrating to the youth the opportunities for employment in this sector

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