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A multi-tasking area at EIMA International

In the setting of the great review of agriculture engineering scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna Pavilion 33 III will host an EIMA Digital space and the EIMA Desk and EIMA Campus. The first of the three will be dedicated to industries producing software and advanced electronic systems for agriculture and agriculture engineering; the second will bring together such services, the third will preside over universities and research institutions. Finally, Mech@griJobs on an initiative by UNACMA, the National Agricultural Machinery Dealers Association, is planned for young people studying in agrarian schools and technical institutes to inform them of employment in the agriculture engineering supply chain

by the editorial staff
June 2018 | Back

One of the most busy exposition areas in EIMA International, the agricultural machinery event set for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna, will be in Pavilion 33 III to be located to the left of the Costituzione entry to the trade fair quarters immediately after passing through the turnstile. A large number of initiatives will be partially organized for the exhibiting industries and also shared by institutions and services. EIMA Digital will be found in the pavilion for manufacturers of software and advanced electronic systems for the control of operations and precision agriculture, a high profile issue brought to the 2018 edition of the exposition with special attention on the technologies designed for 4.0 agriculture. Along with the digital area, the pavilion will host another new feature, the EIMA Campus area dedicated to universities and research and training centers. Here the work performed by important universities in the field of agricultural engineering and associated technologies will be presented plus training events for university students and researchers. The Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, FederUnacoma, in charge of the organization of the Bologna exposition, intends to set up the EIMA Campus as testimony of the close ties which symbolize the long-standing union of science and the industrial districts where agricultural machinery is manufactured. The remainder of the ample space will be allocated to EIMA Desk at work on providing services. During the most recent EIMA in 2016, the desk personnel were able to direct visitors to their areas on the basis of information offered by the FederUnacoma window with the UNACMA dealers and other agencies representing the agricultural supply chain and agro-mechanics. In fact, the desk is equipped for providing information and support business people and farmers seeking information on financing from European Union Rural Development plans and INAIL public tenders for funds for the purchase of machinery with elevated safety standards.

Safety, moreover, is still one of the strong issues for EIMA International and important for the EIMA Desk through plans for courses on Learners Licenses for tractor drivers and Live Mechanics Shop managed by FederUnacoma and UNACMA where technicians and agriculture engineering will illustrate fundamental practices for the maintenance of machines and procedures for the revision of machinery for farmers.

Yet another outstanding feature for the desk is an ability to arouse the interest the new generations with the Mech@agriJobs project begun with the 2012 EIMA International through a UNACMA initiative for a full agenda of education meetings of young  people attending agrarian or technical institutions and laying out opportunities for jobs in the agricultural supply chain which includes technical roles in manufacturing industries, positions in marketing and sales networks, specific work as technical assistance and in mechanics shops.


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