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Agricultural machinery: an ICE platform for the global market

EIMA Digital Preview hosts business activities between foreign businesspeople and manufacturers organized by ICE Agenzia (Italian Trade Agency) in collaboration with FederUnacoma. 37 countries are involved in the programme, representing the most diverse agricultural realities from Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Businesspeople from Australia and New Zealand are also on the platform

by the editorial staff
October - November 2020 | Back

From 11 to 15 November delegations of businesspeople from 37 countries will converge on the ICE platform "Fiera Smart 365", as part of the EIMA Digital Preview (EDP). Thanks to the collaboration between ICE Agenzia and FederUnacoma, EDP - the digital edition of the great international exhibition of agricultural machinery EIMA International - will be able to host "business-to-business" meetings between foreign businesspeople selected by the ICE Offices and exhibiting companies, according to a large programme that runs from 9 to 19 November and therefore embraces a longer period of time than the five days of the review.

Following the registration procedure, foreign importers and resellers will land on the ICE platform, where appointments with companies are already scheduled on the basis of the interest that the businesspeople have for the different product categories.

For example, a US visitor interested in vineyard treatment machines will be able to meet by teleconference with the representatives of the companies that produce that particular technology, just as an Argentine importer will be able to establish business relationships with companies that produce machinery for livestock farms, or an Indian operator will be able to contact supplies of components for machinery manufactured in their country.

The countries involved in the ICE-FederUnacoma programme express the most diverse agricultural realities, from the African ones represented by many important countries (Angola, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe) to Eastern Europe (Belarus, Russia, Estonia and Latvia), down to those from Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).

The official delegations from Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Vietnam), and from the Americas (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and the United States) are also very large. In addition to organizing the delegations and managing the calendar of business meetings, the ICE programme also includes some web seminars dedicated to particularly strategic countries for the agricultural machinery market: the four "Country Presentations", which will be carried out within EDP, are dedicated to Mexico, the United States, Australia and India.



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