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AGRO Drive, addition traction for difficult terrain

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back

On soft, loose soils or when operating on banks or hillsides, agricultural vehicles often reach their limits. In order to facilitate vehicle start-ups on such surfaces and to prevent getting stuck, BPW, a German manufacturer located in Wiehl, has created a hydraulic drive axle for agricultural trailers, the BPW AGRO Drive. This component was designed for agricultural tractor trailers to provide supplementary drive which ensures enhanced performance on difficult terrain.

This new BPW axle drive was first unveiled at Agritechnica in Germany and is now up for presentation at EIMA International. Other than strongly boosts of traction, it also simplifies maintenance. The innovative design of the AGRO Drive axle allows maintenance work and brake pad changes to be carried out by simply removing the brake drum without having to disassemble the hydraulic motor. This is made possible by using the tried and tested BPW brake system, which enables easy removal of the brake drum.

Thanks to collaboration with the German company, PTG Reifendruckregelsysteme GmbH, the AGRO Drive axle is equipped with a compatible interface for installation in leaf-sprung, air suspension as well as hydraulic suspension units. Moreover on request, the BPW axle can be equipped with ABS sensors which detect the number of rotations and the direction of rotations. To protect the sensors for maximum safety and performance they are mounted upright to keep them away from dirt, topsoil and other contaminating materials.  



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