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All the Faza range for tillage in the field

by the editorial staff
October 2021 | Back

There will be no shortage of Faza Macchine Agricole "must-haves" at EIMA, starting with the Hackstriegel-mounted weeder, whose harrow-toothed sections make it possible to break up the surface crust of the soil and thus promote soil aeration and weed control for organic crops.

Still on the subject of tillage, there will be the wide range of 28-32-36-40 discs of the hydraulic folding wheeled crusher Offset Elephant, which is also available in the lighter Junior FCL version with a 30 square axle and 24-28-32 discs. All models are built with an increased tubular section, which makes them highly durable and suitable for working on all types of terrain. Four hydraulic cylinders allow the vertical folding of the sections, thus obtaining a road space of 2.5 metres.

For fertilisation Faza offers the Bidelux twin-blade fertiliser spreader, with hydraulic remote control, stainless steel disc and fans and filtering grid, while for salt spreading Faza will be bringing to Bologna the FOX 1200 self-loading model with disc distribution complete with grid and lighting system and the WOLF electric salt spreader for pick-ups and mini trucks. Simplicity and functionality are common to both machines, as all operations can be carried out directly from the cab. The loading position is achieved by means of a hydraulic jack that allows the machines to rotate, which makes it possible to load the hopper by taking the salt directly from the heap. When the FOX machines are returned to a vertical working position, a hydraulic motor enables the screw agitator to move the salt, allowing it to fall evenly onto the spreading disc.





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