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All the qualities of Benzi range

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back

The Benzi Group division in Inzago in the Province of Milan is bringing a number of new products to the market beginning with combined torque limiters, a device now available on the Evolution high performance range of shafts with a setting range from 1300 Nm up to 3800 Nm. The new combined torque limiter not only provides automatic re-engagement of the transmission when the torque setting is overcome, but also ensures full protection of the transmission components in the case of inertial loads. The V14 Evolution is a cardan shaft capable of transmitting power above 400 Hp, is designed to complete the high power Evolution range. A Benzi technical note reported that in the sector of cardan transmissions for agriculture the products in this range are built for excellent performance with technical solutions and high quality materials. The Evolution transmissions cover power from 60 Hp to greater then 400 Hp, signal lengthier intervals for lubrication and provide access for grease. On the other hand, the Energy complete transmissions range from 10 Hp to 200 HP. Other than offering ideal solutions for OEM sales, the Energy series is compatible with the principal standards of the market and can be used in the spare parts sector. The Reduco gearbox line features prime materials used in manufacturing, ideal performances in each ratio and the optimum dimensions of the gears, the roller bearings and the small shafts, the mechanical components of the product. Aside from the standard line, Benzi designs custom product solutions. And finally, there is the gearbox G340 pivot for facilitating towing in the 60 Hp power range. 

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