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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Alliance 398 MPT, the multi-purpose tire

The Alliance 398 MPT tire has won the prestigious Innovation Medal Silver Award at Agritechnica.  According to the manufacturer - the Alliance Tire Group - the model awarded in Hannover will change the way agricultural trucks are used. In fact, Alliance 398 MPT behaves like an agricultural tire in the field and like a real road tire on the fast roadways, where it can safely reach 100 kilometers per hour. Thus, thanks to the innovative technology signed Alliance Tire Group, the harvest can be loaded directly into the field (therefore no longer at the edge of the field) because the truck can work alongside the harvester or combine harvester. Then, once the loading operations are completed, the truck can return to the road and travel at high speed to the next destination. In this way - explains the manufacturer with a note - the use of other mechanical means is avoided, such as, for example, wagons for grains, and the cost items related to labor, fuel, work time are significantly reduced. From the constructive point of view, Alliance 398 MPT consists of a radial all-steel floating structure.  In the field, it ensures perfect traction, load capacity, and soil protection; on the road high speeds, stability, low noise and vibration levels. The central tire inflation system (Central Tire Inflation System) passes quickly from a high pressure for use on the road (up to 6.5 bar) to a low pressure to work in the fields (the minimum is 0.8 bar), significantly increasing operational efficiency.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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