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Assembler, the new "configurator" by Goldoni

by the editorial staff
January/February 2015 | Back

The new product configurator by Goldoni is available online, on the site Assembler – this is the name of the system – allows to create a machine tailored to customer. Just log on to the site and click the section “product configurator” for having access to the system. Then select the “family” of product among specialized tractors, isodiametric tractors, tractors with flatbed and walking tractors; in the end, compare the single models acquiring all the relevant information.

Once you have chosen your model, the “configurated” function will guide you step by step in the creation of your ideal tractor. Of course, the system guides users in the creation of a machine which respects the rules of installation and accessories compatibility. Finally, the site allows to make online orders to the head office, thus allowing dealers to purchase all the accessories suitable for completing the configuration of a tractor already in stock.  

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