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Belt Kit, high productivity in safety

by Fabrizio Sereni
October 2021 | Back

The belt harvesting kit made by N.Blosi, a company based in Russi (Ravenna) and specialised in the production of self-propelled fruit harvesting and pruning wagons and box-carrying trolleys, is a support platform for harvesting all types of fruit from trees.

Used to increase the efficiency of the working process and to reduce the use of manpower, the belt kit can be set up and removed in a few simple steps, returning to the traditional working condition.

This also makes the platform suitable for orchard maintenance, such as pruning and opening and closing hail nets. Suitable for operations between rows from 2.5 to 5 metres wide, the kit has a minimum height from the ground of one metre and allows six people to work easily from the ground and on the platform.

The harvested fruit is placed on a conveyor belt that transports it to the bin at the rear of the machine, so that even workers with little experience can achieve high productivity. The fruit is unloaded in the bin by means of a rotating disc like those in fruit and vegetable warehouses. In addition to not damaging the fruit, this solution is less bulky and less heavy than the bin rotation system.

An automatic device alerts the operator when the bin is full, stopping the machine. Emergency stops are fitted throughout the kit to ensure safe work conditions and compliance with regulations.


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