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CBM tow hooks, intuitive and safe

by Fabrizio Sereni
November 2019 | Back

At Agritechnica, the Modena-based CBM Group, specialized in the production of components for agricultural machinery, proposes an updated version of the Lower Automatic Hook. Renamed “T-Lock”, it has been revised to improve safety when connecting and disconnecting tools from the tractor. “To open the hook - explains the CBM Group with a note - it is sufficient to lift and “turn” the opening lever anticlockwise, locking it onto the body of the hook and remaining in the open position. To close it, just lift the lever and turn it clockwise”. In short, the constructive solution developed by the Modena company significantly improves the connection of the equipment to the tractor because it makes it intuitive and fast (for opening and closing, less force is needed), but also more efficient and safe. Composed of seven models (Cat. 1, 2S, 2, 3S, 3, 3HD and 4), the T-Lock ran-ge is also popular due to the easy maintenance and repair procedu-res. The innovative Lower Automatic Hook is not the only novelty that CBM presents in Hanover. In the exhibition spaces of the Emilia-based company, the spotlight is on the restyling of the ISO ‘z’ tow hitch (formerly Cuna D3) designed for all tow hooks that have dynamic aligning and that handle speeds of use in excess of 40 km/h. In particular, the ISO “z” model was designed to solve the problem of excessive play between the eye and the pivot (the eye, which is 68 or 76 mm, can move around the pivot, whose diameter is 50 mm). The solution adopted by the CBM Group was to develop a shock absorption system that dissipates the energy produced by the play between the pivot and the eye, and which therefore absorbs the impact between the trailer and the tractor. This way, when the tractor brakes or slows down, the device limits the impact between the eye and the hook, eliminating vibrations and shocks that normally occur with the ISO ‘z’ towing hooks (former CUNA D3). The product restyling includes the significant redesign of the mechanical and electronic safety devices on the Pick-Up Hitch. The mechanical system involves the use of two pins: when the Pick-Up Hitch is closed, the pins make sure that the lower sliding frame does not unhook accidentally and, therefore, does not slide off. The electronic device (available on request) informs the operator if the pick-up has been closed correctly and is locked. The data is communicated in the cabin through an electronic panel and signal lights. The new CBM technology was also tested in the field, in the most difficult operating conditions, but the presence of dust and water around the sensors did not create any kind of problem.

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