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Dante, good preparation yields a good harvest

by the editorial staff
October 2021 | Back

Dante, a Padua-based company specialising in soil processing implements with a complete range of tillers, cultivators, subsoilers and disc harrows, presents Tandem in the more versatile DEKO version. This is a disc cultivator suitable for superficial tillage on hard ground and after stubble ploughing, for soil refinement and clod breaking. It is therefore an implement that is fully in line with the new concept of agriculture, which focuses on minimum tillage and sustainability, both economic and environmental. To get to the heart of the matter, two rows of discs are mounted on Tandem with independent spring supports.

This is followed by a hydraulic levelling device with elastic sectors which prepares the seedbed and, finally, the compaction roller, usually a sharp paker, which increases and completes the destruction of residues and the breaking up of clods. In the DEKO version, the front row of Michel blades breaks up the soil to a depth of up to 30 cm, allowing for two-layer processing.

The machine is suitable for both stubble cultivation and mechanical weeding. The Tandem is suitable for both burying and mixing, and is particularly useful for organic farms that want to make the most of the post-harvest residue and turn it into natural fertiliser. Tandem's working principle allows for shallow mixing of the crop residue, which results in a higher concentration of organic matter in the surface layers of the soil, less soil loss through erosion, and lower fuel consumption.



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