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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

DMD2, a Roj engine for precision farming

At Agritechnica, the Piedmontese company ROJ Mechatronics (the headquarters are in Biella) launches the second generation DMD2 motor of the Agri-Motion family for precision farming. This is a “brushless” motor with integrated drive and planetary reduction gear, designed to manage semi-distribution units on precision pneumatic seed drills. Conceived to work even in the most demanding environmental conditions, the latest addition to the ROJ family will mainly equip the “new systems” (its predecessor DMD0 was a retrofit technology for existing machines). It is equipped with a 32-bit micro-controller that manages the brushless motor with a sinusoidal command to offer maximum efficiency and a high torque/volume ratio.

The DMD2 can be controlled with speed or position control through the CAN communication bus, while the electronic card (designed and produced directly by ROJ) includes all the necessary protection devices for a complex environment such as the agricultural one. “The automotive style connector, the sealing of all mechanical interfaces with gaskets and conformal coating on the printed circuit - explains the Biella company with a technical note - guarantee resistance against humidity and weather conditions. The natural setting for this command module is 12V battery powered applications, complying with all the features of an automotive device, such as load-dump protection and signals in the event of short circuits at the battery poles”. Among the strengths of the ROJ engine, it is worth mentioning the modular structure that offers flexibility in the choice of the reduction gear and allows you to customize some components to adapt to the specific user’s needs. Moreover, thanks to the CAN protocol, the DMD2 model can be used in ISOBUS installations with variable rate and with a high number of files, an increasingly widespread trend for which ROJ Mechatronics can boast a vast experience.

by Giacomo Di Paola

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