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Elephump, the automatic motor pump from Irriland

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

Research for the development of eco-sustainable products and the reduction of polluting emissions are the objectives guiding Irriland’s design and manufacture of irrigation machinery for over thirty years. In particular, the Emilia-based company from Guastalla (Reggio Emilia) is presenting to the public at EIMA International the Elephump motor-pump, which has been awarded the Technical Innovation prize. It is equipped with an electro-hydraulic system that makes it possible to automate a series of functions such as the use of the parking foot, the rotating ground support platform and the part for lifting the suction unit. This innovative configuration of the motor pump makes it possible to have a machine with a suction set (up to 8 metres in length) that can be folded back on itself and fit into a size suitable for road traffic. In addition, the machine is equipped with 6 reels that can hold up to 180 metres of hose for high-pressure work. As the Reggio Emilia-based manufacturer explains, this is a technical solution designed to connect the pump's swivelling delivery to any utility. The hoses are easy to engage and disengage, thanks to the new quick-release hydraulic couplings that, as Irriland explains, limit physical effort by the operator to a minimum. The Elephump is hot-dip galvanised in all its structural components, including the soundproof cabin, and is equipped with a patented priming device called EVA (Ecological Vacuum Automatic). Thanks to EVA technology, the motor pump is able to create a vacuum and suck up to a depth of 8.2 metres for any type of liquid, under any conditions of use, thus allowing the work cycle to be fully automated. Moreover, by operating dry, EVA avoids the dispersion of oil that causes pollution of fields, water and air, as is usually the case with current systems on the market.

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