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Endurance 130: "non-stop" drive for the Landini tractor

An endurance test for the new 7-215 model organized to celebrate 130 years of the brand from Emilia Romagna. The "challenge" was successfully concluded, with the tractor running without stops for as many hours as the years of its memorable history. Testers, journalists and sports personalities involved as drivers, on the circuit drawn in the estate Il Ciocco on the Tuscan Appennines

by the editorial staff
October - November 2014 | Back

The Landini 7-215 crosses the finish line of the 130 hours, between the dense trees of the Tuscan Appennines, at 3 pm on Saturday, October 11th. It reaches the goal of the “Landini 130 hours Endurance”, the challenge of resistance organized to celebrate the anniversary of the brand born in 1884, which represents a part of the history of agricultural mechanization and a technological excellence of “made in Italy”. A dirt track, with uphills, steep downhills and elbows, designed within the estate Il Ciocco near Barga (in the province of Lucca), to drive around-the-clock in the silence of woods. It was a test-bed for the Landini tractor, which proceeded for as many hours as the number of years since the foundation of the brand. Started at sunrise on Monday, October 6th, the challenge involved 75 drivers formed by testers, engineers, journalists (from all over Europe), as well as sports personalities such as Gianluca Zambrotta, football champion with the Italian national team in Germany 2006 and the former Off-Shore world champion Maurizio Bulleri. The challenge was won, not only because everything went off smoothly, without any technical or mechanical problems – the machine, a 6 cylinder monster with 212 hp and robotized transmission with 40 gear ratios offered the best guarantee of reliability – but also because through this challenge Landini has found way into the heart of all drivers and participants to the event. Silent and air-conditioned cabin, shock absorbing system for cabin and seat, capable of absorbing the harshness of the terrain, smooth and precise front-axle, self-regulating system ensuring stability in all working conditions: these are all the factors that even an unexperienced driver would perceive and that reveal the technology of this machine. The success of Landini is shared by other brands that sponsored the event: the FPT Industrial suppliers of the first equipment for the engine; ZF transmissions and Michelin tyres (Landini engineers and industry partners presided over the paddock in which the tractor returned at the end of each drive shift for pilot change); the Rexroth-Bosch Group, supplier of both mechatronic and hydraulic components; the designers of the Grammer air-suspended seat and the Denso automatic air-conditioner, Adam Pumps partners for the rapid refueling system for fuel and urea required for the anti-pollution device and Marchesi De' Frescobaldi, for the equisite wine offered as a tribute to the endurance drivers. The feeling with the tractor – this is the result of the event in terms of communication – turns into a feeling with the industrial reality of the Argo Tractors, an international group with its headquarters in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia), owner of the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands, that over the past decade tripled its production volumes by achieving a consolidated turnover of almost 500 million euros and pursued a relocation policy of production lines in our country, strenghtening its identity and therefore being able to, now more than ever, celebrate its 130 years as “an Italian story”.    



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