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FAE innovations for the agricultural and forestry sector

by Emanuele Bredice
November 2019 | Back

High-tech mulchers, stump grinders, stone crushers and the “Sonic” system, which can significantly increase the performance of shredders and excavators, are the innovations that FAE presents at Agritechnica 2019. We start from the new line of professional shredders for excavators equipped with BiteLimiter technology. Special steel profiles limit the depth of action of the blades, reducing the demand for power and guaranteeing significant speed and performance. The new line includes a rotor equipped with special fixed blades combined with heat-treated forged steel tool holders. The first model in the line, the BL1/EX is suitable for 4 to 7.5 tonne excavators for a working width of 75 cm. Compact and easy to handle, this machine can shred logs up to 12 cm in diameter. The BL2/EX/VT, designed for 8 to 14 tonne excavators, is able to shred logs up to a diameter of 15 cm and is available in two working widths (100 cm and 125 cm). It is equipped with a hydraulic VT (Variable Torque) piston engine with automatic displacement in pressure, which significantly improves the performance of the machine, increasing the torque in case of need. In the coming months, the range will be further extended with models capable of working with more powerful excavators and on even larger diameter trunks. To complete the FAE range of stump grinders, we find the SCL/HY, a compact machine for small excavators, designed to eliminate individual logs in woods, parks or on the sides of roads. Particularly manoeuvrable, thanks to the disc rotor with fixed tools, it allows the shredding of logs only through the lateral movement of the head, without difficult manoeuvres with the excavator. The SCL/HY is equipped with a belt transmission, hydraulic front bonnet, protection chains and interchangeable screwed slides. A customized mounting plate with pins is also available on request. PaTriziO is a new shredder for shredding twigs and shrubs up to 15 cm in diameter, particularly suitable also for agricultural uses (for example, pruning in orchards and vineyards).

Also equipped with BiteLimiter technology, it offers exceptional performance even with low-powered tractors. It is equipped with adjustable screwed and interchangeable support slides, two rows of counter-blades that provide fine and uniform shredding, and a front hydraulic bonnet with integrated cylinder, protected by the machine structure. The wide range of working widths available (125, 150, 175 and 200 cm) makes it particularly versatile and suitable for the most diverse applications. The STCH is the flagship head of FAE Group with regard to stone crushers for tractors: it renews the existing STCH range, adapting to the most powerful tractors (from 280 to 360 Hp) and has a maximum working depth of 25 cm. Among the main technical innovations we find the increased inlet mouth, a hydraulic counter-blade adjustable directly from the tractor’s cab, and interchangeable internal Hardox protections. The wide range of versions (with working widths of 225 and 250 cm) allow clearing large agricultural areas that contain stones. Finally, after the great success in the mini-loader sector, the Sonic system is now also available for hydraulic forestry shredders for excavators. Sonic is a technological solution capable of increasing the performance of hydraulic transmission heads by 30%. It reduces acceleration time and minimizes stalling cycles, working automatically and constantly on the optimum torque point of the rotor. The head can therefore work at its best under any working condition.


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