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FederUnacoma, an international vision

The report on activities, which are increasingly oriented towards foreign countries, was presented at the General Assembly. Promotional missions and collective exhibitions in America, Africa and Asia, and a growing commitment to incoming foreign businesspeople at Italian exhibitions. Economic studies and dissemination activities for emerging markets and technical dossiers aimed at EU regulations were part of the federations's work in 2022 and are already planned for the current year

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July-August-September 2023 | Back

North and South America, Central Asia, the Far East and Africa are the target Promotional missions abroad, collective participation in trade exhibitions, and the incoming of businesspeople are an increasingly important part of the activities of FederUnacoma. Part of Confindustria, the federation represents manufacturers of tractors, operating machinery, equipment, and related components for agriculture, and has the internationalisation of its companies as one of its missions.

"The traditional markets for 'made in Italy' agromechanics are the United States, Germany and France," explained FederUnacoma General Manager Simona Rapastella during the General Assembly, "but other countries offer good opportunities for the products of Italian industries. In 2022, in collaboration with the ICE Agency, the Federation organised a promotional roadshow in the East Coast of the United States (Florida, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania) to strengthen the presence of Italian industries in those markets, and Italian collective exhibitions were also held in Argentina, Brazil, South Korea and Qatar. This year, business missions and collective exhibitions have already been set in China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Morocco, the Ivory Coast and again in South America with exhibition events in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. New Zealand and Serbia have been added to the countries of the target geographic areas - it was explained during the General Meeting - two markets that in recent years are showing a growing demand for agricultural machinery and that require technologies produced in our country. But the biggest investment is the one made by the ICE Agency and FederUnacoma for the participation of foreign businesspeople in Italian exhibitions. For EIMA International, in November 2022 in Bologna, official delegations from 80 countries have been organised, and during Fieragricola (in the framework of the collaboration between the Veronese trade fair body and FederUnacoma) delegations from 13 countries were organised, while for the next edition of Agrilevante, in October in Bari, incoming businesspeople are expected from 35 countries.

"The Federation's activities have an increasingly wide range of action," stressed Simona Rapastella, "and this involves all the offices, from Internationalisation and Foreign Markets to Events, from Studies and Statistics to Technical and Communication, web and social information, which are increasingly present with information and dissemination activities in foreign countries." The lobbying activity that the Federation carries out with European and international sector associations and at EU institutions is particularly significant.

"The most important dossiers," concluded the General Manager of FederUnacoma, "include those related to cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, the Machinery Directive, as well as environmental directives, in particular on the elimination of potentially harmful substances used in industrial processes."

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